Andrew Morris

→ Translator, Editor, Copywriter

Do you worry that your readers’ eyes glaze over after a few lines of your text?

I have decades of producing easy-to-read, engaging texts under my belt — whether I’ve translated them, written them myself, or edited someone else’s words till they sparkle — and I can do the same for you.

I’m a words whizz, offering a range of text-related services for clients who know how much words matter. If you’re a perfectionist, a stickler for excellent service, and passionate about getting your message across, then let’s talk. Because we clearly speak the same language.


“If you want peace of mind, it’s Andrew you need!”
Tania Al Jadir Caetano


“His sense of doing the job to perfection and to his client’s absolute satisfaction
is impressive.”
Susan Ring


“Working with
Andrew was so easy.”
Jurate Ardour

Language is a powerful tool.

But as with all powerful tools, it needs to be in expert hands if you want perfect results.

Used well, the right language can market and sell to your readers, as well as persuade, educate and spur them to action. Used badly, it can send them scurrying to your competitors, rejecting your article, or simply drifting away to focus on more interesting things.

Since graduating from Oxford many (ahem) decades ago, I’ve taken on a variety of professional roles: from English teacher to journalist, from translator to editor and from copywriter to social media leader within the translation world. What connects all these roles is a love of language and communication – giving me a unique insight and experience that I use every day to help my clients.

Known for the lightning speed of my replies and always ready to go the extra mile, I’m told I’m a joy to work with. I guess that’s why my clients stick around for years…

Andrew Morris