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Want to tell the world about your product or service but don’t know what to say?


Let me write your text for you.

Whether it’s the content for your website, or articles for your blog, crafting your LinkedIn profile or covering letters for important applications, I’ll start from scratch and come up with copy that speaks to your readers in language they understand. And elicit just the response you hoped for.

We’ll start with a short online interview to work out a brief. Then just leave it with me. I’ll craft the perfect words to match the excellence of your service, product or idea, complete with rewrites until you’re satisfied. The end result will be so good, you’ll be just thrilled to share it.


Don’t take my word for it… here’s what my clients say.

Andrew spent an entire weekend diving deep into my topic and gaining a clear understanding of the ins and outs of it. Although the general idea was that he would “tell my story”, I’m very particular so it ended up as a back and forth collaboration until we had it exactly as I wanted it.

That was the best part. At no time did I have the feeling I was asking too much, his sense of doing the job to perfection and to his client’s absolute satisfaction is impressive.

Susan Ring

Relationship Therapist, Berlin, Germany

In a nutshell, Andrew ‘got me’ and my business idea within our first conversation. He understood my philosophy behind it, my vision and filled in the necessary gaps to bring my story alive.

Andrew truly does have the magic touch when it comes to writing.

Thank you helping me to see my story from a complete different point of view now.

Babette Bischoff-Papasavvas

Interior Architect, London, England

Andrew provides a stellar service from start to finish. Not only he is a gifted writer but has the ability to really connect with others. He instantly understood where I was coming from and where I wanted to go, and converted our conversation and email exchanges into beautifully crafted and effective copy that has given me the confidence to spread the word about my services.

He brings immense enthusiasm and positivity to everything he does and I would recommend Andrew’s services without hesitation!

Claudette Bull-Buttay

Translator and Voice Artist, Anthy sur Léman, France

It’s the first time I’ve worked with Andrew and I’m absolutely satisfied with the result and the flow in which Andrew works!

The task was to help me reshape and arrange multiple notes about my art practice and combine a comprehensible and fluid artist’s statement. And he was very attentive to all of my comments and ideas and adjusted the text with incredible mastery!

Would absolutely recommend Andrew’s excellent services!

Yulia Bas

Artist, Barcelona, Spain

Over to you

Let’s find the right words to tell your story.