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A second pair of eyes is always useful, whether you’ve written a LinkedIn profile or a book-length memoir.

Maybe English isn’t your first language, so you want to make sure the academic text you send out sounds natural and fluent so that it will be accepted for publication. Or maybe you’re a native speaker, but still want an editor to give you feedback on content, structure and organisation, style, flow and linguistic choices.

Whatever your editing needs, I’m here to help. Eagle-eyed, with a flair for style and natural-sounding writing, I’ll help take your text to the next level, and make sure it does what it sets out to do. In style.


Don’t take my word for it… here’s what my clients say.

As well as being a master linguist and translator, Andrew is a gifted editor. As well as having a fine eye for writing style, he also has the knack of offering valuable feedback on content. He writes accessible and accurate comments and above all is supportive, encouraging and funny. He understands the emotional commitment of writing. I am so lucky to have had his input into my writing.
Tony Wright

Writer and Educator, Ivybridge, England

Andrew has been editing a various reports and publications developed by our team at FAO with inputs from experts across the world in areas of agriculture extension and rural development.

As well as proofreading and revising the English, his work involves editing and ensuring flow, consistency, coherence and so on. I appreciate the way he pays attention to details while efficiently delivering the task. I would recommend his services!

Delgermaa Chuluunbaatar, Ph.D

Agriculture Extension Officer at FAO, Rome, Italy

I was looking for an editor for my book. It was my first book and I had no idea where to start. Gladly, my translator knew Andrew from before and recommended him as a very professional and skilled editor. “If he takes and edits your story, he will make it flawless” – were exact words of my translator. And he was right!

Working with Andrew was so easy. He listens, he really really listens. I felt supported, and confident all the time while working with Andrew, and what I also loved about him very much was his quick response. Really enjoyed our work together and would definitely recommend Andrew to anyone.

Jurate Ardour

Writer, Lithuania

Andrew has edited a wide range of publications for me, both in draft and laid out format. He is efficient and thorough. Perhaps most importantly, Andrew is flexible, easy going and fun to work with. I highly recommend him.
Lyndall Bull

Forestry Consultant, Rome, Italy

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